My work represents the intersection of words, images and color. Always seeking ways to go inward and reflect on the mysteries of life, I employ printmaking to get the words and images onto batik fabric (some fabric I hand-dye). I then merge complementary fabrics to create an overall visual impact.

Recent work has focused on using heliographic printing to transfer images from my garden to fabric. This process requires sunlight and warmth, so is a summer practice of mine.

Work has focused on the relationship of various words to each other, represented as bodies in space and time. Other work focuses on the labyrinth and the need to go with the flow. Incorporating the labyrinth into scenes depicting nature and water portrays our connection to the earth and the cycle of life.

I create from my core, rarely planning a complete image. I see myself as a vehicle through with images get expressed. I do take on commissioned work, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. In those processes, there is a lot of thought time that precedes the creation of images or final pieces.

My work has ranged from the contemplative to the whimsical.